What Makes the “Best” Airport Hotel?

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In making our best selections the Airport Hotel Guru starts by considering all the possible airport hotels. However, not every hotel with “airport” in the name qualifies. To be considered an “airport hotel,” at least for the purposes of this site, an establishment has fit one of these criteria:

  • Offer a free airport shuttle that takes no more than 20 minutes to travel between the airport and the hotel;
  • Be no more than an 8 minute taxi or train ride away from the hotel;
  • Be within a 15 minute walk from the baggage claim.

Once we narrow down what the possible choices, we make our selections by weighing these factors (in rough order of importance):

  1. The quality of the rooms, with a special emphasis on the comfort of the bed and the noise level from the nearby airport.
  2. The ease of getting between the hotel and the airport — we are especially large fans of hotels that are an easy walk from the airport terminal.
  3. The availability of internet. The Airport Hotel Guru needs its daily online fix and so is partial to establishments that offer free in-room wireless access.
  4. Any conveniences that make travel easier, such as the possibility of checking bags and getting boarding passes at the hotel itself.
  5. Room views and any local touches that remind you of where you are.
  6. Hotel amenities such as fitness rooms, swimming pools, casinos, etc.
  7. The reputed friendliness of the staff and quality of the food.
  8. The television — the size, the quality, and the selection of channels.

For our best overall selections the hotel price is of moderate importance. For the best value, the price is (obviously) of prime importance, though often the cheapest hotel is not the one that offers the best value. The hotel price is not considered when choosing the most luxurious hotel.

Note: We’ve personally visited most of our selections, and stayed in many of them. We have never accepted payment in exchange for selecting a hotel as our best. Every review on this site is completely objective and unbiased. Want to help keep it that way? Use PayPal and make a donate to help support these reviews.


Thanks You!

~ The Airport Hotel Guru

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